Thursday, January 21, 2010

[Windows 7] Nanami Madobe gets new friends! :'D

Nanami Madobe, Windows 7's official OS-tan, will now be accompanied by new friends courtesy of Microsoft Japan.

In a promotion campaign for Microsoft's Bing search engine in Japan, the tech giant has launched 10 Windows 7 themes that revolves around 5 moe looking characters. (2 for each character).

The moe characters are:
  • The office lady Nanae
  • The loli NANA
  • Nanako
  • The tsundere Nanami
  • Nanao
You may get Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 themes at the following links:

Ver 1
Ver 2

Windows 7 users can download and install the theme packs directly which includes wallpapers and sound files of the characters.

Windows Vista and Windows XP users would have to download the ZIP files provided and install them manually.

Enjoy the moe themes. ^__^


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