Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[UPDATE] Magical Lyrical Nanoha 1st Movie Filmstrip fetches for US$2,000

This filmstrip from Magical Lyrical Nanoha 1st Movie which shows a very rare smiling Fate Testarossa was being auctioned off online and the bid has reached a whopping 183,000 yen (about $2,028) as of 15:00 Feb. 1, 2010.


The memorial filmstrips were raffled off and given away to lucky theater patrons who have watched the movie for three times. The filmstrips came from the film reel that was used for test screenings by the production company and no two film strips are the same so the person who got this beautiful gem is really f*cking lucky.

UPDATE:  The yahoo auction for this memorial filmstrip has ended with an insane amount of 532,000 yen (US$5,886).

[Source: Gigazine]


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