Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kampfer Entrail Animals Plushie

Cospa sure is releasing a lot of anime goods lately and their latest release are the Entrail Animal plushies from the anime/light novel Kampfer.

These plushies are Disembowled Tiger ( ハラキリ トラ ), Suicidal Black Rabbit ( セップク クロウサギ ), Electrocuted Wildcat ( カンデン ヤマネコ ), and Strangled Stray Dog ( チッソク ノライヌ ) and each will be sold on May 2010 at 3,000 yen each.

Disembowled Tiger

Suicidal Black Rabbit

Electrocuted Wildcat

Strangled Stray Dog

Now, I wonder if ever I have any one of these plushies...will they talk and will I turn into a female Kampfer? XDDD


Anonymous said...

Must have them all!

Anonymous said...

Harakiritora !
Electrocuted Wildcat !

want them so badly! <3

Unknown said...

helloo!! were i can buy this plushie?.. im from Argentina .. n_n

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