Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Learn Japanese Language with anime-manga.jp

Do you want to study nihongo but a bit intimidated or you don't have any Japanese language background? Then why not learn through anime or manga. It is just like those "How To" books but more interactive and fun.

Japan Foundation's Japanese Language Institute in Kansai has launched anime-manga.jp, an e-learning site that teaches Japanese language in a fun way by using anime/manga as their gateway to learn not only the language but also the culture.

The site features rich and colorful anime and manga works to teach users on the language. Users has the freedom to choose their preferred study contents and method according to their interest and level. Users can also be challenged with the sites fun quizzes and games.

So why not learn the language the cute and fun way? Try anime-manga.jp out!

[Source: Magnetic Rose.net]


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